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Jan 31, 2013 8:00pm EST
was the outcome of the senate vote on the bill to suspend the debt ceiling until may 19. in surprising? >> not particularly, no. the vote 64-34. they made it to spare. most republicans voted no, which was not necessarily surprising since republicans don't like to mess around with the debt limit. but democrats got enough support from the moderate republicans like sue san colins to put it over the edge and take the issue off the table. we're told until at least august. >> now the bill heads to the president's desk. what is he going to do with it? >> he's going sign it. he doesn't want to have a debt limit fight right now. the interesting thing about this, it is the first time that we have ever just suspended enforcement of the debt limit. it's still $16.4 trillion. normally in the celebration we're in now, we're against the debt is at the limit. we just raise the limit. but house republicans didn't want to vote for a higher limit. they voted to suspend the limit until may 18th. at that time, the debt limit will automatically take in to account the additional borrowing that tre
Feb 5, 2013 8:00pm EST
attention has been on cliffs, debt ceilings, budgets, deadlines, and negotiations. all of this is extremely important. because i don't think there's any substitute for getting our fiscal house in order. there's no greater moral imperative than to reduce the mountain of debt that is facing us, our children, and theirs, and our house republican majority stands ready for the president and his party to join us in actually tackling the big problems facing this country. but today i'd like to focus on what lies beyond the fiscal debate. and over the next two years, our house majority will pursue an agenda that is based on a shared vision of creating the conditions of health, happiness, and prosperity, for more americans and their families. and to restrain washington from interfering in those pursuits. we'll advance proposals aimed at producing results in areas like education, health health, innovation, and job growth. our solutions will be based on the conservative principles of self-reliance, faith in the individual, trust in family, and accountability in government. our goal is to ensu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2